17 Mar 2013

Yipee! new instrument donated by thecajondrumshop.com

Great news, the lovely folks at www.thecajondrumshop.com have donated one of their handmade instruments to the pixie space!! So big THANK YOU guys for supporting our work!

We now have one awesome Cajon Drum for people to play and learn about. The word Cajon is Spanish in origin and word means crate or box or drawer. And this is exactly what a cajon is, it's a wooden box which is played as a drum. The drums are made in the UK, most cajons are about one foot square and 18inches tall.
The player sits on the cajon and hits the front surface.

The instrument has become very popular in recent years with acoustic bands and it's very earthy and acoustic sound fits perfectly with other acoustic instruments.

Most people can beat out a basic rhythm on a cajon very easily. But as with all musical instruments practice will bring out the best in the player and also the instrument.

The folks at thecajondrumshop.com  make a range of cajons so suite all styles, levels of expertise and budget. Every cajon they produce is handmade and ready to play. Please visit their shop and see what they have to offer.