6 Jan 2010

Reuse Reclaim Recycle Tour 2010

Presenting the…
Naughty Pixie Crew and their Cosmic Community Yurt!
our autonomous art space is available for festivals, gatherings and events

We provide a magical autonomous space in our 16ft community yurt handcrafted by our own team of pixies. It is the aim of our crew to bring people together to share ideas and skills and to work to preserve and protect our earth and our culture. Workshops include; chaos painting, crazy clay, green woodworking, rug making and much more with our positive pixies and friends!

We are a voluntary association and only need event passes plus expenses for travel, materials, public liability insurance etc. Our main volunteers are CRB checked and hold relevant health and First Aid certificates. We provide opportunities for unemployed and disadvantaged individuals and they make up our team with the aim to help each other develop and share skills.
If you would like to know more or to book the naughty pixie crew please email pixie.works@yahoo.co.uk or call 07745690012

Discover our delightful PARTY PIXIE SOUND SYSTEM solar powered with funky beats and much dancing!

Proudly presenting to you,
The excellent Naughty Pixie Crew!
We come from over yonder, ye ol Rotherham town,
Where we’re creating alternative ideas to stop people feeling down.
Our concept is simple, natural and good,
Recycling, reusing, materials and wood.
We’ve created a cosmic alternative space,
Honestly it’ll put a smile on any face!
Our community spirit is what we’re into,
Self sustainable ways and sweet sounds too!
Our aim is to inspire each glorious soul,
To show everyone DIY living is an achievable goal.
If we can share our energy, knowledge and life,
Together we’ll end all trouble and strife.
And live in harmony with our beautiful earth,
Giving back what we take for all it’s worth!

The nAughty Pixies were at the following events in 2010
1st - 2nd May, Wath Festival wathfestival.viviti.com
14th - 16th May, Bearded Theory Festival
www.beardedtheory.co.uk 21st-23rd May, Acoustic Mayfest, Uttoxeter www.acousticfestival.co.uk
30th May, Denaby Miners Gala
6th June Derbyshire Literary Festival
Happy Summer Solstice! pixies enjoyed a week on the ridgeway at Avebury
2nd - 4th July, Beatherder Festival
www.beatherder.co.uk 27th-29th Aug, HAWKFEST www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk
11th - 12th Sept, Rotherham Show
16th-19th Sept Alchemy Festival, Lincolnshire

Watch this space for 2011 pixie fun

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