4 Jan 2010

Who we are and what we do :)

Pixie Works came together to promote positive power of community. Our team began in Rotherham, South Yorkshire as a response to the need for alternative and traditional skills and in order to live a more balanced lifestyle in harmony with our natural environment. From a cold damp dank flat above a cop shop came the idea to learn old skills and find alternative ways to have a positive impact on our hometown and wider world.

We won a competition called the BIG Challenge (http://www.bigchallenge.org.uk/indblog.aspx?winnerID=4) and so the pixies travelled to Wales to a kind community 'Coed Hills' (www.coedhills.co.uk) where they were warmly welcomed and introduced to the process of building a yurt, and living as a low impact community. A Yurt or a Ger is a mongolian dwelling handcrafted from coppiced hard wood and through a process of green woodworking, steaming and bending, the wood takes shape as a circular dome. A yurt is designed to be durable in all weathers and can be easily transported and erected making a very affordable and magnicifent alternative to a cold damp dank flat!

Our Pixies now travel the land sharing skills and providing creative space and activities to communities and events. We provide a service to anyone that wants to learn about low impact living, yurts, alternative energy, rural skills, green woodwork, bushcraft, natural dyes and wild food, and of course unity in the community.

Pixie Works

Positive workshops in Yurts!

We provide a magical friendly space in our 16ft cosmic community yurt handcrafted by our team of pixies. Our mission is to enable others to support themselves, each other and the earth.

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