6 Jan 2010

Free skillshare workshops for all - woo!

We're happy to invite you to join us for a summer of skillshare, creativity and fun. Sharing is the way forward and together we will be learning some new skills, sharing some old ones and finding ways to work as a community.

Our workshops will be running in different locations in and around Rotherham during summer 2010 so please get in touch or just come along. If you are unemployed and over 18 we can help you with travel costs and each session includes a healthy veggie meal and refreshments all for free. Children are welcome at the workshops which are held in our mongolian yurt an autonomous art space which means we all look after ourselves, eachother and our earth with love and respect. We hope there's something for everyone but if there is anything else you would like to share or learn let us know and we'll see what comes.

April 30th (St Leonards Rd, near the Unity Centre, Rotherham)
Build your own Rocket Stove and community cook-up
A practical session where you will learn how to build a super efficient outdoor stove to use in your garden or allotment. Rocket Stoves are made from reclaimed materials and enthusiam so no previous experience is necessary. The session will include a cook-up so please bring along a vegetable for the pot!

May 30th (Denaby Miners Gala, Denaby, Doncaster)
Permaculture and Guerilla Gardening
Time to sow some seeds of change! Come and learn what permaculture is all about. Why is it important to you? What could it mean to your community? How does permaculture differ from other approaches to sustainability? Seed exchange will be happening alongside some guerilla gardening action. Come and have a grow!

June 30th (Clifton Park, Rotherham)
Art in the Park
Join us for a day of colour and choas as we invite you to join local recycling artist Chris Cooper and others for creative fun and skillshare. Whether you are the next Van Gogh or maybe a budding Banksy or just a beginner come and share some new techniques and enjoy the local parklife.

July 30th (Secret location)
Green Woodwork fieldtrip
Come with the pixies to the hills and learn some traditional green woodworking skills. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at a forgotten art, test your skills, help build a bender, cook on an open fire and make your woodland peace.

Aug 20th (Location to be confirmed)
Pedal Power and Bicycle Maintenance
The Magnificent V3 Power will be riding into town to share the magic of pedal power. From bicycles to sound systems to smoothie makers get on your bike and come along to this great skillshare day.

Sept 11th (Rotherham Show, Clifton Park)
Know Your Rights - Direct Action in the Community!
This workshop is to help you organise for action and social change covering the different aspects of environmental and community activism. Learn about lawful rebellion, affinity groups, consensus decision making, facilitation of groups/meetings, autonomy, general group skills, campaign planning, public speaking, protests, having fun and making change.

Sept 30th (Hoober Observatory, Rotherham)
Infinite Possibilities
Ever wondered whats really out there?....
Gaze at the cosmos and hear from the experts as we conclude the summers learning events and seek out new possibilities in a cosmic skillshare evening.

We are planning more workshops and will keep ya posted, dont forget to send us your suggestions

Love and respect

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